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About Me Site Web Hosting to Create Your Own Personal Page

About Me Site Web Hosting to Create Your Own Personal Page

About.me is a free personal web hosting service that allows anybody to establish a single central web page with their personal information, contact connections, and shortcuts to prominent online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube, among others.



Founded in 2009, it grew quickly, allowing anybody to establish a beautiful, easy, and highly personalized web presence for oneself. You will be able to construct a personalized, original, and appealing page that will serve as the foundation for your public profile using an easy-to-use editor.

It provides all of the tools and capabilities needed to promote personal homepages, businesses, job seekers, and anybody else. Beautiful page templates are selected for every device to ensure you always appear your best.

You could make a nice homepage design so that anyone can contact you! Show and tell the world who you are, what you’re up to, and where you’re headed. Share your page with the world and promote your interests.

About Me Site Web Hosting to Create Your Own Personal Page
About Me Site Web Hosting to Create Your Own Personal Page


The main purpose of this page is to give you a starting point for developing your internet presence. This public profile is open to the public, allowing you to rapidly publish employment information while looking for new opportunities or advertise your work to those who wish to further their careers.

This step will help you obtain a better grasp of your background, hobbies, and job, which will be useful if you want to sell your business online. About me is not a social networking site. It is a site where you may create your own profile that will remain static unless changes are made.

Simply create your online presence by choosing one of several appealing templates, and tweaking the look of your website so that it fits your personality (don’t worry, one of the reasons I’m so popular is that you don’t need icons and design experience), and posting it for free, so that the world can meet you and have access to a single page social networking account!


About Me The goal

  • Personal Home Page – No need to know how to code or create your own website.
  • About Me, it is completely free and simple to set up.
  • Build Your Online Presence – This is an excellent spot to begin or develop your web presence.
  • Aids in job search – Personalize your apps by including the about. me URL.
  • Public Domain – Your Internet public identity. Visitors are not required to register in order to view any of your information.
  • Central Contact Point – Stay organized by storing all of your links in one location.
  • Marketing Your Business – With a simple and elegant page, you may raise awareness of your company.



When someone searches for you on the internet, they may find various social networking pages or multiple additional connections on a variety of blogs and websites.

You should consider building a profile that may serve as an important landing page to keep you updated about your current employment, interests, and related information about your past, education, and the methods you can get in online. Keep this in mind while people are looking for you (direct contact, social networking, blogging, etc.).

Using this strategy, you may retain all of your contact information and related details about yourself in one place, giving your visitors the option of simply locating your other online destination where they can find you.


Cost & Registration

About me is a service that wants to grow and gain popularity, which is why you don’t have to spend anything to create a new account and publish your profile online. A new account is created using either a valid email address or your Facebook or Twitter login information. If you want to host your profile page on a new custom domain, you can do it via the app for a small fee.


The user interface

The About. me interface is quite professional, and it immediately conveys the notion that this site is intended for professionals and those who take their online identities seriously. Other resume sites may have a more young and exciting feel to them.

About me looks to have a more adult tone, encouraging you to develop a profile that you will be happy to share not just with your close friends and family, but also with the whole internet and prospective employers who will be looking into your profile for higher standards of taste and substance.



My background. It’s a fantastic service for creating an online profile page. It’s simple to use; create a single page and include your social links, along with other intriguing items, so that everyone can contact you. Create beautiful and personalized websites! Show your boy who you are, and don’t stay in the shadows!

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