Download Media Companion Provide Movies Information

Download Media Companion – Provide Your Movies Information

Media Companion is a video supervisor and television display organizer that integrates XBMC completely. How do you organize your DVD and Blu-ray collection? It’s a piece of cake with Media Companion! The software provides a method for collecting information from the internet and making it available to you in an organized and timely manner.

The given information collected includes things like posters, experience, plot overview, actors, acting professional photos, rankings, and so on, and they are positioned alongside your video documents for easy addition to your collection. Media Companion now supports movies and television shows!



  • Links to XBMC Movies
  • A Blu-ray folder structure is provided.
  • Utilize a variety of filters and research to explore and examine movies.
  • Using the XBMC scraper, provide movie information from TMDB.
  • TMDB Backgrounds may be downloaded.
  • Display IMDB movie information
  • Movie Trailers from IMDB and Yahoo!
  • View and modify all the gathered data.
  • In the NFO, save the media flags.
  • Fanart offers technical footage for download.
  • Among them are ‘ExtraThumbs’ and ‘ExtraFanart’ (which support this functionality.
  • Movies must be in individual folders)
  • Rename automatically based on custom or preset settings
  • Movie posters may be downloaded from IMDB, TMDB, IMPA, and MPDB.
  • Using custom or preset options, rename the movie folder automatically.
  • With customizable layouts, exported movie information and HTML artwork.
Download Media Companion - Provide Your Movies Information
Download Media Companion – Provide Your Movies Information


  • Select between a Compact TVDB Scraper or XBMC. Scraper for TVDB
  • Download data for TV programs and events from TVDB automatically.
  • Take a look at TVDB or IMDB for representative photos.
  • Using a specific set of parameters, rename the loops automatically.
  • Artwork may be downloaded at Fanart.
  • If the download is not accessible, take a screenshot.
  • Among them are ‘ExtraThumbs’ and ‘ExtraFanart’ (For skins that support this function).
  • Download and save the poster for future viewings and seasons.
  • In the NFO, save the media flags.
  • View episodes that are missing from your collection.
  • Download the screenshot from the episode.
  • Using customizable templates, export ITV information to TV.
  • Show episodes in the order they were broadcast (so you can see places for specials).
Download Media Companion - Provide Your Movies Information
Download Media Companion – Provide Your Movies Information

Technical Details

  • Category: Multimedia Software
  • Software name: Media Companion
  • Version: Latest
  • License: Open Source
  • File size: 16.41 MB
  • Operating Systems: All versions of Windows
  • Core: 32/64-bit
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: StormyKnight
  • Official website:

Download Media Companion


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