Download AirDroid Manage Your Android Device From PC

Download AirDroid Manage Your Android device from PC Free

AirDroid allows free wifi access to and management of your Android phone or tablet from Windows, Mac, or the internet. Share images and other files with your pals and transfer files between your devices.


Step-by-step instructions on how to use AirDroid!

Step 1 is to register for an AirDroid account. To enable distant experimentation with a variety of features, kindly establish a single account. Naturally, if your phone and computer are connected to the same network, you may use AirDroid without creating an account by scanning the QR code or entering an IP address into your web browser on your computer.

Step 2: After you have finished creating your AirDroid account, add a device. The insertion of devices that support Android and iOS is permitted. For crazy users, there are two devices that may be added to each account, so feel free to add extra devices to up to ten devices by paying in-app.

Step 3: Go to the official AirDroid desktop download site, or go directly to Web AirDroid to control your mobile devices. Now that we’ve completed the setup, you may download the application directly from the official website link at the conclusion of the post!

If you need to handle additional mobile items, you may select AirDroid Business Suggestions.

Download AirDroid - Manage Your Android Device From PC Free
Download AirDroid – Manage Your Android Device From PC Free

AirDroid mode

AirDroid’s main file transfer function allows you to transfer files from your phone to your computer and vice versa without using a USB cable, regardless of whether your devices are linked to the same network. You may even exchange files with people who use AirDroid from thousands of kilometers away.

When your friends are nearby, you may exchange files directly with them using the Nearby capability. By visiting the official website or utilizing the AirDroid desktop app, you may control Android devices from your computer via AirMirror. If you wish to operate your phone from another phone, you must first download the AirMirror app.

If you need to deploy and manage large offline devices for your business, you may use the premium software – the camera can be located remotely via the AirDroid Business Remote Camera on your PC by visiting the site or using the AirDroid Desktop Client. You may remotely view the front or back camera to watch your surroundings in real-time.

Phone data synchronization: This function allows you to reverse pop-up alerts, allowing you to focus on your computer and manage all messages from your phone without checking your phone. Messaging / Contacts / Photos / Videos / Ringtones / Files / Call logs / Manage all forms of information

Import and export pictures, video clips, ringtones, and programs, as well as quickly respond to SMS messages. He is also capable of managing contracts and calls records. Locate a phone. Please activate your phone’s Phone Search functionality.

If your phone is misplaced, as long as it has a solid network and AirDroid is fully operational, AirDroid will attempt to locate your phone and scan all data to preserve your privacy.

Download AirDroid - Manage Your Android Device From PC Free
Download AirDroid – Manage Your Android Device From PC Free


If you do not use AirDroid through a LAN connection, the data share must be paid for remotely; free users are limited to 200 MB of remote data share per month. Once you’ve used it, you may need to upgrade to Premium or continue to use it over LAN.


AirDroid Features

Maximum concentration

Calls, SMS messages, and application notifications that you allow to be shown on the huge computer screen that you are concentrating on.

better prepared

Use the full physical keyboard to type and the mouse to verify. Move objects more quickly without having to look for a cable. Better equipment equals a better life.

Connection preference

AirMirror is a brand-new method to communicate with your computer or Mac and Android smartphones. Android smartphone; now on your PC.

Notifications and SMS

Don’t miss any critical messages at work. Desktop notifications allow you to instantly reply to SMS alerts, e-mail messages, and application notifications (such as WhatsApp, Kik, Line, and so on) on your computer. There is no need to validate your phone any further. Do not overlook a crucial message.

Web-based application

Use a web browser to manage files on your device. Traveling or managing devices on your computer without installing the desktop client is the ideal approach.

File transfer

Transfer files without the use of a cable. Transfer files, photos, documents, music, or APKs without the use of a cable. You may also remotely rearrange folders and handle data.

✔️ Note: Requires. NET Framework.

Download AirDroid - Manage Your Android Device From PC Fre
Download AirDroid – Manage Your Android Device From PC Free

Technical Details

  • Software name: AirDroid
  • Category: Participation Software
  • Version: The latest
  • License: Freeware
  • File size: 52 MB
  • Operating systems: iOS / Android / Mac / Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10/11
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: Sand Studio
  • Official website:

Download AirDroid


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