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Duplicati Free Backup Software for Windows, macOS & Linux

Download Duplicati Free Backup Software (Open Source)

Duplicati is a free backup software for storing encrypted online backups for PC! It supports common protocols such as FTP, SSH, WebDAV, and popular services such as Microsoft OneDrive / Amazon Cloud Drive & S3 / Google Drive / / Mega / hubiC and others.

Backup files and folders with strong AES-256 encryption. Save space with increased backups and elimination of duplicate data. Run backups on any device via the web-based interface or a command-line interface. It has a built-in scheduler and an automatic updater. The download link from the official website may be found after the post!

Download Duplicati Free Backup Software (Open Source)
Download Duplicati Free Backup Software (Open Source)


  • It allows backups of folders and document types such as documents or pictures, or custom filtering rules.
  • AES-256 (or GNU Privacy Guard) encryption is used to secure all data before uploading.
    It downloads a full backup at first and stores smaller, incremental updates afterward to save bandwidth and storage space.
  • The program can make appropriate backup copies of open or locked files using Volume Snapshot Service (VSS) under Windows or Logical Volume Manager (LVM) in Linux.
  • The scheduler keeps backups updated automatically.
  • It is available as an application with a simple user interface and as a command-line utility.
  • Encrypted backup files are transferred to targets like FTP / Cloudfiles / WebDAV / SSH (SFTP) and Amazon S3 among others.

Duplicati is a free and open-source program. The application can be used free of charge even for commercial purposes. The source code is licensed under the LGPL. Duplicati runs under Windows / Linux / macOS operating systems. NET Framework 4.5 or Mono required. To preserve your privacy, it employs powerful AES-256 encryption. You may also encrypt your backup with GPG.

It was designed for online backup from scratch. Not only is it efficient in using data, but it also deals with network issues well. For example, interrupted backups can resume, and the program tests the content of the backups regularly. Broken backups on faulty storage devices can therefore be identified before it’s too late.

The backup application is configured by a web interface that works in any browser (even on a mobile phone) and can be accessed from anywhere. This also allows the app to run on devices such as NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Download Duplicati Free Backup Software (Open Source)
Download Duplicati Free Backup Software (Open Source)

Technical Details

  • Software name: Duplicati
  • Category: File Storage Software
  • License: Free
  • The latest beta version
  • File size: 18.4 MB
  • Operating systems: Windows / macOS / Linux
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: Duplicati
  • Official website:

Download Duplicati Free Backup Software (Open Source)

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