Download DVD Cloner Burn and Split DVD or CD Discs

Download DVD Cloner – Burn and Split DVD or CD Discs

DVD Cloner is an integrated software program for producing copies of all-optical disks, as well as a variety of other functions for handling audio and video files on disk.

This contains every known movie copy protection for compressed audio, DVD video, and UHD 4K movies. In addition to straight-copy features, DVD Cloner includes a variety of conversion methods that allow you to shrink movies on the fly to fit small-size storage media (DVD9 to DVD5) and generate video discs from your hard drive films.

Download DVD Cloner - Burn and Split DVD or CD Discs
Download DVD Cloner – Burn and Split DVD or CD Discs

Ease of use

DVD Cloner has two separate user interfaces to make copying and making new discs as simple as possible. The Quick Interface provides little information and simply indicates the state of a DVD or DVD burner, disc burning choices, movie files to MKV format, and more.

For more skilled users, the Expert Interface provides access to all customization options and advanced capabilities enabled by DVD Cloner. This is ideal for people who desire complete control over the processing of their video discs and data.


What Exactly is a UHD Drive?

Some Blu-ray drives, due to flaws, can read UHD discs. They use AACS 1.0 rules instead of AACS 2.0 rules, allowing us to decrypt and read them in Blu-ray format. This type of optical drive is referred to as ‘UHD drive friendly.’

Plug and play UHD drives: CA-BW-16D1HT / CA-BC-12D2HT / CA-BW-16D1HT Other UHD-related drives are listed below: LG BZ-12D2HT, LG LG14NS40, LG BH14NS40, LG BH16NS40, ASUS BW-16D1HT, LG BH16NS40

Download DVD Cloner - Burn and Split DVD or CD Discs
Download DVD Cloner – Burn and Split DVD or CD Discs

DVD Cloner Features

  • The Expert Mode is unlocked, revealing a plethora of new possibilities.
  • Simple one-click mode with six separate modes: DVD-5 to DVD-5, DVD-9 to DVD-5, Blu-ray to BD-25, DVD to MKV, and Blu-ray to MKV.
  • An adapted version of the film – data transfer may be fully customized, making it ideal for breaking a TV series into many backup discs or transferring a single movie onto multiple discs.
  • Support for a 1: 1 DVD version, backup of a DVD movie folder on your hard drive, and creation of an ISO DVD file.
  • Split DVD copy – Copy a DVD9 movie onto two DVD5 CDs.
  • 4K UHD / Blu-ray Blu-ray films – On a blank BD-25 disc, do an ideal copy, hard drive copy, ISO copy, or BD-50 movie compression.
  • To conserve space, copy the full movie to a hard disk or compress it.
  • They read CDs and DVDs slowly and without errors, making them perfect for backing up crucial information.
  • Full support for native x64 CPUs, with a 20% increase in copy speed. And a lot more.
  • Optimize disk copies for playback on a variety of devices.

Copy, Compress, and Split

  • Copy DVD movies without any extra menus or features.
  • Convert DVD9 to DVD5 format, modify audio tracks and subtitles, and set the manual compression rate.
  • Blu-ray / 4K UHD Blu-ray Movies to MKV Copy.
  • Copy numerous movies from your hard drive to DVD R (DL), with the ability to build DVD menus built in.
  • Premium add-ons for converting DVDs to non-MKV video formats and downloading videos from YouTube and other sites are optional.
  • Transfer videos from your hard disk to DVD R (DL). Rip DVD to MKV using DVD Cloner – Custom compression settings allow you to convert high-capacity DVD movies to H.264 or H.265 MKV video files for simpler storage.
  • Splitting and storing H.264 or H.265 MKV video files with custom compression settings is supported.
  • Set the DVD Writer drive’s capability to manually prevent data mistakes.
  • The user interface is multilingual.

📌 Please keep in mind that this is a 7-day trial.

 DVD Cloner is available for a free trial, however, some of its advanced capabilities require a paid upgrade.

Download DVD Cloner – Burn and Split DVD or CD Discs

Technical Details

  • Category: Multimedia Software
  • Software name: DVD Cloner
  • Version: The latest
  • License: Trial
  • File size: 45.2 MB
  • Operating Systems: All versions of Windows and Mac
  • Core: 32/64-bit
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: OpenCloner Inc.
  • Official website:

Download DVD Cloner 


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