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Beaker Browser 2021 Download Free for Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Beaker Browser 2021 for Windows / Mac / Linux Free

New web browsers don’t make the news too much. But when a new innovative browser appears, it usually remains ahead of the competition by upgrading. Has the web browser caught your attention before or made you interested in it. If so, keep reading because you might love Beaker Browser and what it can do for you?

This browser is unique because it can create and host websites. It is a peer-to-peer decentralized browser and includes all the tools and features appropriate to get you started. No external components are required here either.

Download Beaker Browser 2021 for Windows / Mac / Linux Free
Download Beaker Browser 2021 for Windows / Mac / Linux Free


  • Just a few clicks are all it takes to share files and host websites with this app.
  • The two main components of Beaker are the decentralized P2P network (Dat) and its Chromium Engine.
  • Dat contains encryption technology that allows the browser to share projects and host them safely without paying anything.
  • Basically, the browser allows you to create JS, CSS, and/or HTML websites.
  • You can also add new files and use special URLs to share them. You can still surf the internet as usual.
  • Web APIs are provided by the browser.
  • Allows you to view, read, and write Dat archives from within one website.
  • You can also do this with web applications if you don’t need remote services.
  • When you start using the web browser, you will notice that the most impressive tools are hidden from the user interface.
  • Look at the hamburger-style menu to find and access these tools. In the main window, look at the top left and you’ll find this section.

Download Beaker Browser

  • Create or browse websites

Initially, select the ‘New Site’ option and enter all relevant information. Use the Library section to access your websites and post files to them.

The tool does a good job of sharing files. Simply give the recipient of the files a detailed URL to download to their computer. Other features include price reduction, direct reloading, and website fraud.

  • Summary

Beaker Browser is definitely interesting on many levels. It features many innovative technologies and is easy to use. These technologies make the browser one of the most versatile browsers available. However, it is not the most attractive or the most personalized either. In fact, it is not even fast. But most web developers still prefer this browser due to all its other features alone. Even if you don’t create websites, you can still use the browser to share P2P files.

Download Beaker Browser 2021 for Windows / Mac / Linux Free
Download Beaker Browser 2021 for Windows / Mac / Linux Free

Technical Details

  • Category:  Internet Browsers
  • Software name: Beaker Browser
  • License: Open Source
  • Version: latest
  • File size: 80.2 MB
  • Operating systems: Linux / Windows / macOS
  • Languages: Multilanguage
  • Developer: Beaker
  • Official site:

Download Beaker Browser 2021 Free

Beaker for Windows, macOS & Linux


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