Download Chedot Browser Free 2024 Best for Windows and Mac


Download Chedot Browser Free 2024 Best for Windows and Mac


here are several alternatives available when searching for a web browser on the Internet. A browser’s features and services make browsing the Internet simple and fun. The user must ensure that the browser he is using is secure, as it may cause issues.

Some people utilize popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, UC, and others. Chedot Browser, a new browser with good features and quick internet browsing, is one of these. Google Chrome serves as the foundation for this browser. It was created and released on November 16, 2016. It is compatible with a variety of systems.

Download Chedot Browser Free for Windows 32/64-bit
Download Chedot Browser Free for Windows 32/64-bit

Chedot Browser

It is available for free on computers and mobile devices running Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Free to all software users. For a long time, Google Chrome, which is based on the versatile and trustworthy Chromium platform, was the most popular browser. Other Chromium-based browsers, however, are still available. Each one has its own set of tools and abilities.

A Chromium-based browser for the PC comes with a unique collection of functionality. Simply run the browser after installation and wait for the main window to appear. All the new icons will appear in the upper left corner.


The Most Important Features

  • Chedot allows you to download music and movies from SoundCloud and YouTube.
  • The Download Manager utility displays everything you downloaded using a web browser.
  • A fantastic screen capture tool.
  • Let’s define and optimize the visible areas of the browser window.
  • The web browser has five capabilities that enhance the user experience.
  • Users may utilize the built-in VPN service to disguise their IP addresses and access geo-restricted websites.
  • Another tool allows you to examine your Facebook account profile and its many sections rapidly.
  • There is also a separate introduction screen that shows anytime a new tab is launched and cannot be disabled. Chedot Browser Free Download
  • When you open a tab, the default browser interface greets you. It will provide you with several categories and numerous advertisements.
  • The browser has a Media Downloader that may download your favorite YouTube videos in either mp4a or mp4 format.
  • This program may also download songs in mp4a format from SoundCloud, a music streaming service.
  • It all sounds great, but there are a few annoyances, such as the initially locked tab.
  • You won’t be able to dismiss or remove the tab, either. It can only be used to browse.
  • To recap, the browser can allow you to view geographically restricted websites.
  • Download movies from YouTube and snap screenshots of your browser.
  • Download tracks from SoundCloud.
  • Chedot Browser is an excellent illustration of this. For starters, it features a fantastic Che Guevara emblem. Aside from the ability to access the internet, the browser also has several unique capabilities. This Chromium-based browser is worth a shot.


How to Download and Install Chedot Browser 2024 for PC?

In this step, before we address the most important features of the browser and the most important additions inside the browser, we will explain how to download the Chedot 2024 browser with a direct link on each computer, and then install the browser on your device.

All you have to do now is go to the bottom of the current article page and you will find a direct link to download the Chedot browser. After clicking on the link, the browser installation file will be downloaded to your device. In the following steps, we will show you how to install the program on the device:


The First Step

After downloading the installation file to your device via the direct link at the bottom of the page, open the file on your computer and this window will appear in front of you in the attached image. You must now choose the language in which you prefer to install the browser on your device.

Through the “ Select Chedot Language ” option, you will be able to modify the language later in the browser settings, but if you want it in Arabic, it is preferable to choose the language now.

You will find the following option, which is ” Autorun Chedot After Windows Start “. We advise you to disable this option so that the browser does not open automatically when you open your computer, which will lead to an increase in the time required to open Windows on your computer.

Also, in the last option, which is ” Set Chedot As Default Browser “, disable this option if you are downloading the browser to download videos and songs from YouTube and SoundCloud only, as by activating this option, Chedot Browser will be used as the main browser for your computer. Download Chedot Browser.


Step Two

Now the Chedot 2024 browser installer will download the browser files to your computer. This step will take some time as the browser size is not large, as you can see in the attached image, the program size is only about 70MB, and it will not take long until the download is complete.

The program will take a few more moments for the browser to open on your device in a very simple way. In the next paragraph, we will list some of the features of the Chedot browser, the latest version for the computer.


Features of Chedot Browser 2024 for PC, the Latest Version

Opening blocked sites

In the previous period, some sites have been banned from time to time in certain countries, such as many movie and series sites in Egypt, and to be able to browse those sites on your Android phone or iPhone, you can download some Facebook applications. VPN on your phone is like the “Hola VPN” application and opens those sites with ease.

But if it is a matter of opening those blocked sites through your computer, we advise you to use the Proxy feature that is available for free inside Chedot Browser Completely, all you have to do is open the blocked site and turn the feature of opening blocked sites to ON so that this site can be successfully opened by using an IP from a different country, and this method greatly succeeds in opening all blocked sites in your country.


Incognito browsing

Chedot Browser also comes to us with the anonymous browsing feature, which is also found in other browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, and the anonymous browsing feature allows you to browse any site you want, but no other computer user will know that you have browsed that site, meaning that it is a temporary browsing period, and as soon as you close the sites and close the browser, all data, visited pages, and downloads from within the browser history are permanently erased. Download Chedot Browser.


Social networking sites

Chedot 2024 Browser in its latest version provides you with some shortcuts in the browser’s toolbar to use and open your social networking accounts with ease, so the browser provides you with some shortcuts for your Facebook account and also shortcuts to open WhatsApp on the computer from directly inside the Chedot Browser, and you will also find the ability to access Facebook Messenger directly from within the Chedot browser without first entering the Facebook website on your computer and then going to Messenger.

Download Chedot Browser Free for Windows 32/64-bit
Download Chedot Browser Free for Windows 32/64-bit

Dark mode

This feature may be very important for some users who prefer dark colors, as some of us prefer dark mode for all programs and applications that we use, whether on a mobile phone or a personal computer. You will find this feature available inside the Chedot browser and you can activate it on the browser with one click to activate the dark mode or the dark mode, which you will find that option is present in the main menu of the browser.


It does not consume capabilities

The team developing the new Chedot Browser has made it so that it does not consume a lot of your computer’s resources, as you may find many browsers that consume a lot of the computer’s random memory “RAM” and some other browsers that have a high consumption rate for a computer processor, but Chedot Browser is fast, easy to use, and does not consume much computer hardware.


Controlling downloads

Since the browser’s most important feature is downloading from YouTube, Soundcloud, and other sites, the browser development team had to design a very powerful download manager inside the browser, and this matter was mastered when programming and updating the Chedot browser in the latest versions of the program.

Where you can follow all the active downloads and if you want to stop some of those downloads and continue them again, you also see the stopped and failed downloads and know the reason for the failure of those downloads on your computer and other features inside the download manager in the new Chi Dot in its latest version.


Possibilities of downloading the Latest Version of Chedot Browser for PC

Easy to use and free

The Chedot Browser comes with a software system that is completely similar to the Google Chrome browser, so you will not find any difference in using the Chedot browser on your computer as it comes with a very simple interface and a very simple toolbar that contains all the add-ons inside the browser.

The Chedot Browser program is also available for free download without paying any fees at all to enjoy the great features of the program, so you will not need to search for the paid Chedot Browser download.

Download Chedot Browser Free for Windows 32/64-bit
Download Chedot Browser Free for Windows 32/64-bit

Download videos from YouTube

Have you ever searched for a site that makes it easy for you to download videos from YouTube to your computer? There is a better solution than downloading the Chedot program to download YouTube videos in multiple qualities.

The program also supports converting videos to your computer in MP3 format after converting the videos to audio and downloading them directly to your computer, in the following paragraphs, we will explain how to download videos and songs from YouTube in detail.


Downloading Songs from SoundCloud

One of the common things that many listening lovers and downloading songs and audio clips search for is downloading and downloading songs and music from the SoundCloud website. As you know, the SoundCloud website and application do not support the download feature but only support the direct listening feature via the SoundCloud app and website.

But what if you like to download an audio clip or song from Ali Soundcloud and keep it on your device? Yes, many sites provide this service, but as we mentioned before, all download sites from SoundCloud and YouTube find that they are filled with ads in a very large and annoying way while browsing.

But after downloading Chedot Browser with a direct link and installing it on your computer, you will be able to download audio clips and songs from SoundCloud with one click and without any advertisements or cumbersome steps, and we will explain how to download from SoundCloud in a separate paragraph for further clarification.


Download continuation

One of the great things that you may miss in some download programs and some other browsers is the download continuation feature after stopping Download Resume, and this feature may not stop in many programs.

Yes, you find it in the Internet Download Manager download program, but it is a very nice glimpse. For the team, Chedot browser developers should put this feature inside the browser because it helps a lot when the Internet is cut off and back on again, or when the electricity is cut off and back on again. So you don’t have to worry about losing the files you download via the original Chedot software.


Downloading videos and songs

Apart from downloading from YouTube and Soundcloud via the Chedot Browser, the browser can capture any video clip, song, or music that works on the page you are browsing on the Internet and you can download it.

Whatever the source of that video or song is, if you want to download a video from a website you are browsing and you do not know whether this video is from YouTube or not to download it via YouTube video download sites, all you have to do is browse that site or page through the new Chedot browser 2024 to find that the browser has automatically captured that video and displayed a window allowing You can download the video to your computer if you like.


Download Chedot Browser 2024 for Android and iPhone

CheDot Browser program has not yet been released as an official version for the Android operating system or iPhone IOS. We know that the browser offers a lot of features that you may also need on your Android phone or iPhone, in addition to quality on the Windows PC, but do not worry.

We will now put you the best browsers for the Android and iPhone systems, which contain the same characteristics and features of the Chedot, which you can download from within the TradeSoft website with ease. Here is a list of those apps:


How to Download YouTube Videos with Chedot Browser?

Chedot Browser comes with a unique tool built into the browser and is one of the unique browsers that provide a service to download videos from YouTube in more than one format and with more than one quality, and this was the feature that made the program have a large number of downloads in the previous period, and to download YouTube videos from within the Chedot web browser, you must follow the following steps:


The first step

In the beginning, after downloading and installing the Chedot browser, you must open the browser and enter the YouTube site, and you will see a difference in using the YouTube site through the Chedot, as you will notice that the download sign is present on all videos within the YouTube site, as shown in front of you in the attached image. All you have to do to download the video you want is to access the video and click on the download icon on the green video thumbnail.


Step 2

After accessing the video you want to download and clicking on the download sign next to the video thumbnail, you will now see a list of all the qualities that are available for this video, and you can select the appropriate quality for you and download it, and next to each quality in the list, you will find the size of the video that you will get when choosing that quality, as you can also see in the attached image, is that there is a last option in the list to convert the video to audio “Convert To Mp3“.

With this choice, you can convert the video to an audio clip in MP3 format and download it to your computer. All you have to do now is click on the quality in which you want to download the video, and then you will find that the video has started to download directly to your device.

After we have selected the video to be downloaded and chosen the appropriate quality for us, you will notice that a small pop-up window will appear at the bottom of the browser, as you can see in the attached image, and this means that the video is now successfully downloaded to your device. You can click on that window to be transferred directly to the download manager to show you all Files that are downloaded or have already been downloaded by Chedot Browser to your computer.


How to Download Songs from Soundcloud using Chedot Browser?

SoundCloud is a very large social networking site that hundreds of millions of people use daily. There are many features on the SoundCloud platform that meet all the desires of lovers and lovers of listening to songs and music clips, but one of the things that are not available on the SoundCloud site is downloading songs on the site.

For personal devices, you can save the video or download it, but with the SoundCloud application, when you want to listen to it, you can only do so through the application, but what if you want to download the song to your computer? Follow the following steps to download SoundCloud clips via Chedot on your computer:
After you have downloaded the Chedot browser on your computer, now log in to the Soundcloud website, and then search for the song or music clip that you want to download to your computer. After that, you have to click on the media download icon located in the top bar of the browser as shown in front of you.

In the attached image, after clicking on the icon, a window will appear in front of you showing you the audio clip that is available for download from the page you are currently browsing. From the drop-down list, you can choose the quality in which you want to download the audio clip. Then you have to click on the word DOWNLOAD in the blue color in the image.

Once you select the quality of the song and click on the word Download, the browser will start downloading the SoundCloud song you want immediately, and a small window will appear telling you about the file that is being downloaded now and how long that file is complete, and when you click on that window, you will be taken to the download manager, through which you can stop the downloads maintain and fully control it.


Technical Details

  • Category: Internet Browsers
  • Software name: Chedot Browser
  • License: Freeware
  • Version: Latest
  • File size: 3.1 MB
  • Operating systems: Windows 11,10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Languages: Multilanguage
  • Developer: Guerrilla Programming
  • Official site:

Finally, this was a complete review of how to download the Chedot Browser free for computers with a direct link. If you encounter any problems or have any questions, leave a comment below.

Download Chedot Browser Free



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