Download Clockify Time Tracking Apps for PC and Mobile

Download Clockify Time Tracking Apps for PC and Mobile

Clockify enables you and your team to log work hours directly from your desktop while you’re working. A web-based time-tracking tool called Clockify is available for several operating systems, including Google Chrome and Firefox, as well as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

whatever the number of projects you are working on or the size of your crew. All current browsers are compatible with this program, which is a web-based time tracker. Nothing has to be installed, and anybody may access it from anywhere.

Although Clockify for PC primarily functions as a browser extension, you can also download it as a desktop application to improve the convenience of time tracking.

In the browser version, you can keep track of the hours you spend working on tasks, then run reports, manage projects, and go at timesheets. As you work on tasks, start and stop the timer, or manually input every hour into a timetable.

Download Clockify Time Tracking Apps for PC and Mobile
Download Clockify Time Tracking Apps for PC and Mobile

Give an account of a week’s worth of time in under a minute. All you need to do is choose from the pre-set jobs and enter your own hours. Learn where you spend your time and what projects your team is working on. Learn who has contributed what, how much, and how much you need to charge clients or pay employees.

An overview of each day’s registered hours and funds, split down by individual and project. View and modify each person’s time entries. Full-time records are also available for download in Excel. Obtain Clockify.

You have the option to add users to your account so they may register their attendance and see how much time they spend on various activities. Keep track of the time spent on tasks, and keep an eye on the budget and progress. To boost your productivity even more, you may add further features to the core Clockify capabilities.

Download Clockify Time Tracking Apps – Features

Always free

The only time tracker that offers premium features and limitless users for free is Clockify.


Manual time addition

You can enter the duration of time spent on an activity by switching to manual mode.



Quickly enter the time information using the project, #tag, and $ syntax.


Keep track of project time

Keep track of the time spent working on projects and contrast it with the time that has really been spent.


Easy to understand and utilize

One-click is all it takes to start tracking time on the app.


Count time by using a timer

To begin work, select “Start,” and to finish, select “Finish.” Download Clockify Time Tracking Apps.


Receive a notification if you fail to set the timer.


Without the internet, it functions

Even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can keep track of time.


The standard project

Start/pause the timer with an existing project.

📌 The trial version has limited functionality.

Download Clockify Time Tracking Apps for PC and Mobile
Download Clockify Time Tracking Apps for PC and Mobile

Technical Details

  • Category: Office Tools
  • Software name: Clockify
  • License: Demo
  • The latest version
  • Program size: 46.1 MB
  • Operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 / Chrome / Firefox / Mac / Linux / Android / iOS
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: Clockify Team
  • Official website:

Download Clockify 2024


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