Download PlanGrid – Build and Manage Project Plans Anywhere


Download PlanGrid – Build and Manage Project Plans Anywhere

PlanGrid for entrepreneurs and engineers is a powerful program for creating charts and maps. You can access all project information from any location. From plans and specifications to document lists, documents, and photos, distribute the plans and documents immediately, which are automatically linked in the order of the hyperlink and issued in order and can be easily searched by searching the entire paper.

It is simple to convert digital data to manage installations and processes when accurate data is collected during construction. With tighter deadlines, shrinking budgets, and fewer skilled workers available today, it recognizes the significance of calculating the return on investment from a building productivity program.

PlanGrid has been used in over a million projects around the world and is the first construction productivity program that allows contractors, business owners, large cities, and other industries to operate and collaborate from anywhere.


How PlanGrid works

To make a mark, simply select and click anywhere on your drawing. Marks include tools such as issue stamps, images, and hyperlinks for documents, allowing you to quickly access all relevant information in your plans.

Assign tasks with details such as a description, location, due date, and any potential time schedule or cost impact. The field team can access their task list and determine what to do directly from their mobile devices.

When work does not conform to contract specifications, PlanGrid makes it simple to determine whether the issue will have any schedule or cost implications, right down to the dollar amount and number of days.

Stakeholders are kept informed so that there are no surprises. Detailed callouts and index sheets are linked automatically, allowing you to move from sheet to sheet with a single click or click. Whether you’re online or not, use Search to find the correct paper or text within the sheets.

Download PlanGrid - Build and Manage Project Plans Anywhere
Download PlanGrid – Build and Manage Project Plans Anywhere


  • Profit margins, images, and other information
  • Tags, photos, tasks, and hyperlinks can be viewed, created, and shared.
    Work from any location.
  • As soon as you connect to WiFi, your offline changes will be synced.
    Attachments and sheets
  • View multiple sheets side by side, as well as all documents and attachments.
    Quick access
  • Access a comprehensive archive of papers, versions, charts, lists, and other materials.
    Android and iPhone OS versions are also available.

📌 Note: This is a 21-day trial version with a limited number of papers.

Download PlanGrid - Build and Manage Project Plans Anywhere
Download PlanGrid – Build and Manage Project Plans Anywhere

Reviewing submissions, responding to RFIs, and tracking change events are all necessary parts of any construction project, but workflow management can be inefficient and time-consuming. The PlanGrid Toolkit addresses the complexities of each workflow, simplifies these processes, and engages both companies and offices in order to deliver high-quality projects on time.


It would make sense to slip through the cracks with thousands of submissions required for the project. No way, not with PlanGrid. In seconds, create a record of submissions from specifications, filter by category type, and track progress at a glance.

RFI Advanced

Close the communication loop between the project and the office to expedite the resolution of the RFI. PlanGrid works to simplify the RFI process for you, from creating an RFI draft to distributing the final answer. Spend less time on tedious tasks and more time on what is most important to you.

Alter Events

PlanGrid’s Change Tracker is your solution to the challenges of managing project change events. Simply begin changing events from RFIs, automatically and easily compile quotes, and let the work begin.

Download PlanGrid - Build and Manage Project Plans Anywhere
Download PlanGrid – Build and Manage Project Plans Anywhere

Technical Details

  • Category: Office Tools
  • Software name: PlanGrid
  • License: Trial
  • Software Size: 91.4 MB
  • Operating systems: All Windows systems plus Android and iPhone
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: PlanGrid, Inc.
  • Official website:

Download PlanGrid – Build and Manage Project 


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