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WinSCP 2021 Upload Website Files To Your Hosting

WinSCP 2021 Upload Website Files To Your Hosting

WinSCP 2021 some needed by web admins in all their work to control the files of their sites uploaded to the servers, so this program requires a link in this task between the site administrator and the host server to access the contents of his site files, data, images, and other data.

For this task there are many programs specialized FTP agents to complete the process of linking the owners of sites and servers to control the full data and information contained in the operation of the site and the images and many other articles and other data is important for the work of the site properly and full control.

We will certainly mention most of them in subsequent articles. You can Download WinSCP 2021 Program to Upload Files to the Latest Free Version at the end of the article with a direct link.

Download WinSCP 2021 Upload Website Files To Your Hosting
WinSCP 2021 Upload Website Files To Your Hosting

How does it work

WinSCP’s main task is to connect the user to the server with the FTP connection so that the site owner can download all files and data from the device to the server.

This includes the control of all content contained on the website content management and works to address the errors that occur on the site or changes to be done to the template site or database. Ftp client WinSCP provides high security and protection and provides the user with multiple versions of all different operating systems.


WinSCP Importance

WinSCP is open source and free to all users, has a special interest in developers and webmasters. WinSCP program was built from the source code of the Patty program. And focused on the basis of its construction on the importance of ensuring the transfer of all data and files and encryption in order to keep them from hacking and piracy. 

The program supports several protocols, including FTP and SFTP, making it widespread and preferred for users to increase their ability to access the command of the shell and deal with it easily without any errors and speed and smooth remarkable.

WinSCP 2021 Upload Website Files

Download WinSCP 2021 Upload Website Files To Your Hosting
WinSCP 2021 Upload Website Files To Your Hosting


  • Simple user-friendly interface suitable for both normal and professional users.
  • WinSCP Portable version can be used without the need to install it on the device.
  • It provides the user with the ability to control the server’s own technology and the files and data of the site.
  • The program’s technology allows the transfer of all files at once or on scheduled stages as desired by the user.
  • A fast and seamless way to connect to sites and servers.
  • Supports FTP protocol, SFTP, and other protocols.


Product Details

  • Software name: WinSCP
  • Categories: File Storage Software
  • License: Free
  • File size: Installation package 8.6 MB; Portable executable 7.1 MB; NET assembly / COM library 7.1 MB Source code 11.8 MB; 4,614
  • Core: 32/64-bit
  • Support systems: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, and other operating systems.
  • Languages: Multilingual and supports the Arabic language.
  • Developed company: WinSCP. Open source for all developers
  • Official Website:

Download WinSCP 2021 Upload Website Files


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