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Download X-Plane Free Game 2020 for Windows, Mac & Linux

Download X-Plane Free Game 2020 for Windows, Mac & Linux

X-Plane is the world’s most advanced flight simulation game for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers! With an entirely new user interface and a new level of quality on the built-in aircraft, supporting virtual reality headsets, the X-Plane app is the upgrade you’ve been hoping for.

More powerful, make it usable! Would you like to try X-Plane? Download the free trial and have the fun of flying! Find the download link from its official website at the end of the topic!

X-Plane includes a detailed 3D scene of over 3000 airports around the world. Terminal buildings, hangars, and waterways, as well as these airports, are alive. Enjoy!

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Download X-Plane Free Game 2020 for Windows, Mac & Linux
Download X-Plane Free Game 2020 for Windows, Mac & Linux


  • Brand new G1000

It houses some generic flying aircraft simulating Garmin 1000.

  • The cockpit is ready IFR

Each 3D cockpit can be used for a machine trip.

  • A completely new user interface

Easier to learn new users. Faster for energy users.

  • Support virtual reality

The latest release of X-Plane includes support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and WMR virtual reality headsets.

  • A comprehensive fleet

Airplane models that stand in for a check, from gears to spikes.

  • Tutorials

Learn the basics of aviation and navigation in addition to the program.

  • A new scene for Europe

Roads and buildings as well as European variants are distinguished.

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  • 3D cockpit

Each aircraft in the fleet comes with a beautiful, usable 3D cockpit.

  • New engine for lighting, sound, and effects

Bringing new tools to additional aircraft manufacturers.

  • Improve the 3D cockpit interaction

Cockpit controls are easier than ever to set just right.

  • Crossbar locomotives and fuel trucks

See other aircraft getting service or requesting services for your private plane.


The types of aircraft

Aero Works Airlines 103
Aerolite 103 is a lightweight, single-seat high-wing aircraft with a propulsion thrust that was introduced in 1997. It is sold as an assembly plane that can be between 60-80 hours to complete the airframe.

Boeing 747-400
The Boeing 747 is a family of commercial four-engine wide-body aircraft. The 747-400 is the most popular type of passenger, with increased range and fuel efficiency. Flight speed is 493 knots and 7,260 nautical miles.

Beach Craft Baron 58
Beech craft Baron 58 is a light, long-body, two-piston plane that sits at the top of the light aircraft hierarchy. It runs at 200 knots with a range of 942 nautical miles.

Beechcraft King Air C90
King Air is a twin-engine turboprop produced by Beechcraft. It was the first turbocharged engine and outperformed all of its competitors. King Air can accommodate up to 7 passengers, the flight speed is 226 knots and a range of 1,321 nm. Download X-Plane Free Game 2020

It is a single-engine fixed-wing aircraft with the three-wheel landing gear. The flight speed is 122 knots and the range is 696 nautical miles. More C172s are built than any other, making it the most successful aircraft in history.

Boeing 737-800
The Boeing 737 is a narrow-body and mid-range airliner. It has 10 types that can carry 85 to 215 passengers. It is the best-selling commercial aircraft and has been in continuous production since 1967.

Note: Limited functionality in the trial version.

Also, available for Mac and Linux

Download X-Plane Free Game 2020 for Windows, Mac & Linux
Download X-Plane Free Game 2020 for Windows, Mac & Linux

Technical Details

  • Category: Games
  • Software name: X-Plane
  • License: Demo
  • Version: The latest 
  • File size: 31.6 MB
  • Kernel: 32, 64 bytes
  • Operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 10 / Mac / Linux
  • Languages: Multilanguage
  • Developer: X-Plane Team
  • Official site:


What do you do when the download is complete?

  • When the download is complete, open ‘’ (where the platform may be Windows, Mac, or Linux).
  • Inside ‘’, double-click X-Plane Installer.
  • At this point, the installer will then guide you with the download (approximately 8.5 GB).
  • Note that by default it will create a folder named ‘X-Plane 11’ on the desktop.
  • To run X-Plane after the installer has finished, just double-click the X-Plane 11 app in the ‘X-Plane 11’ folder.

Download X-Plane Free Game 2020

X-Plane for Windows / Mac and Linux 


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