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Falkon Browser Powerful and fast Download for Windows/Linux

Falkon Browser Powerful and fast Download for Windows/Linux

Falkon is a KDE web browser that uses the QtWebEngine rendering engine, formerly known as QupZilla. It aims to be a lightweight web browser available across all major platforms. This project was originally started for educational purposes only. But since its inception, Falkon has grown into a feature-rich browser.

Falkon has all the standard functionality you’d expect from a web browser. It includes bookmarks, history (both in the sidebar as well), and tabs. Moreover, by default, it has enabled adblocking with the AdBlock plugin. The first version of QupZilla was released in December 2010 and written in Python using PyQt4 bindings. After several releases, QupZilla has been completely rewritten in C ++ using Qt Framework. The first public release was 1.0.0-b4.

Until version 2.0, QupZilla was using QtWebKit. QtWebKit is now deprecated and new versions are using QtWebEngine. Since version 3.0, QupZilla is no longer developed and a new version named Falkon has been released as a KDE project.

Falkon Browser Powerful and fast Download for Windows/Linux
Falkon Browser Powerful and fast Download for Windows/Linux

Falkon Features

Quick contact

This popular extension is finally available to web browser users! You can now access your favorite pages at the speed you want on a single page that opens in a new tab. Needless to say, it fully supports drag-and-drop and page thumbnail loading.

Original appearance

Falkon uses the native widgets style bits in major Linux desktop environments. It also uses icons from the active desktop icon theme. If you find the original themes too boring or have some issues with it, you can always switch to other themes. Falkon Browser Powerful & fast Download

Integrated AdBlock

Tired of ads full of websites? Are they stealing your bandwidth and time? The only thing you need with the app is to update EasyList or maybe add your own rules and start browsing without ads.

The Unified Library

It unifies bookmarks, history, and RSS readers into one well-arranged window. No more multiple windows, it just uses one! With the built-in RSS reader, you can stay up-to-date with your favorite sites. The tool can also import bookmarks from other browsers. Falkon Browser Powerful & fast Download for Windows/Linux

Falkon Browser Powerful & fast Download 

Technical Details

  • Category: Internet Browsers
  • Software name: Falkon
  • License: Open Source
  • Version: the latest
  • File size: 62.8 MB
  • Operating systems: Windows 10, 8, 7, Linux
  • Core: 64/32 bit
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: Falkon Team
  • Official Website:

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