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Download SMART Notebook Software 2021 Tutorial On Screens

Download SMART Notebook Software 2021 Free Trial Tutorial On Screens

SMART Notebook lets you create interactive tutorials on large screens. The toolkit includes specific topics, integration with mobile devices, and various lesson resources for free, making it easy to create activities and presentations. Using a web connection, you can create tutorials on your home computer and send them directly to the SMART Board in your classroom.

You might check more programs, such as SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer, SMART Sound Configuration, or SMART Notebook Express, which might be like SMART Notebook Software.

✅ SMART Notebook Software carries a group of tools such as asymmetric furniture, shape recognition, energetic alignment, magic pen, etc., as well as the capability to place images, flash animations, GIF images, quizzes, audio files in training sessions. These computer programs can handle the following extensions: ‘.xbt’, ‘xxbr’, or ‘.xbk’.

The most common installer file names for the program are Notebook.exe and IconEBEE8B6A.exe. The program is sometimes distributed under different names, such as ‘laptop software’. The application lies in teaching tools and teaching tools to be exact.

Download SMART Notebook Software 2021 Tutorial On Screens
Download SMART Notebook Software 2021 Tutorial On Screens


  • Send lessons directly to SMART Board.
  • Send your notebook lesson directly to the SMART Board in the classroom, even if you create it at home.
  • Once you post, it automatically appears on any SMART Board that gets the IQ feature.
  • Control your lesson on the SMART Table.
  • Focus on Notebook lessons at home.
  • Install SMART Notebook on to four-computers up, including your family computer.
  • Search YouTube directly within Notepad by opening the YouTube extension.
  • Add videos to the lesson and resize it in your workspace.
  • Merge your document camera into your laptop.
  • Algebra provides powerful tools for all grade levels, over 55,000 math subjects, and activities for engineering, algebra, calculus, and statistics.
  • Math Tools: Equation Editor Create and customize mathematics equations and notes with Equation Editor.
  • Integrates with the addition of GeoGebra, providing teachers with an easy way to visualize the concepts of mathematics, and provides a parity of features using Math SMART Notebook tools.
  • Choose from: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, etc.
  • Access the screen, write numbers, and draw lines in the field to perform calculations.
  • Run the laptop lessons from your iPad.
  • Add SMART Notebook Maestro to regulate and connect to lessons from any place in the classroom.
  • Over 7,000 educational materials in Gallery Essentials to improve lessons, including images, backgrounds, dynamic files, and video and audio content.
Download SMART Notebook Software 2021 Tutorial On Screens
Download SMART Notebook Software 2021 Tutorial On Screens

More Features

  • Record the special lesson, so that students can restart it to learn, in the classroom or outside.
  • Record audio directly into your lesson without switching between programs and files.
  • Add sound to your items using audio files from the basics of the show, including famous speeches, animal sounds, audio speakers, tools, and more.
  • Adaptive toolbar change tool and that means you have all the features you will need directly before you.
  • Add the web internet browser right to the Notebook web page.
  • Interact with a web page by drawing or writing content, and dragging and dropping images from a web page into your lesson.
  • A variety of different tools, including paint pen and paint painter, to create and confirm, draw any color and even convert handwriting to text.
  • Two can work together on your desktop (on compatible screens) using a pen, finger or grip.
  • Measuring objects or pages, flicking an object, or swiping between pages.
  • Touch the interactive screen to quickly shake objects to assemble and recompile them.
  • Invite the SMART Table to your Kapp Smart session and everything written on the Knapp pad can look in Notebook for your chapter to see.
  • Add images from Bing to the lesson directly.
  • SMART Notebook Record Article writer (House home windows only) provides support for importing any third-party content material into an Intelligent Notebook computer, which includes PDF, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Term, and more.
  • Access the shared file through the Notebook Player for the iOS application.
  • Convert each page of the document into an individual SMART Notebook page.
Download SMART Notebook Software 2021 Tutorial On Screens

Technical Details

  • Category: Educational Software
  • Software name: SMART Notebook Software
  • Version: Latest
  • License: Free trial 45-day
  • Software Size: Various
  • Operating systems: Windows XP, 7/8/10 and Macintosh, as well as Android and iPhone systems
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developed company: SMART Technologies
  • Official website:
Download SMART Notebook Software 2021 Tutorial On Screens

Download SMART Notebook Software 2021

SMART Notebook for Windows / Mac SMART lab for Android SMART lab for iOS


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