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Advanced Renamer Download Free for Windows 32/64-bit

Advanced Renamer Download Free for Windows 32/64-bit

Advanced Renamer is free software that allows you to rename many files and folders at once. Names can be handled in a variety of ways by configuring renaming procedures.

It is simple to set up a large batch operation with several files using various strategies. The names, attributes, and timestamps of the files can all be modified at the same time using the 14 distinct methods. It is also possible to copy or relocate files depending on file data to new places.

You may generate new file names using Advanced Renamer by adding, deleting, replacing, altering the case, or renaming the file depending on known information about the file. Before doing operations on the files, you may rename them again to see if the outcome is accurate, and you can also undo the operation.

Advanced Renamer Download Free for Windows 32/64-bits
Advanced Renamer Download Free for Windows 32/64-bit

Selected Features

  • Renaming based on tags
  • Use regular expressions and wildcards to your advantage.
  • Real-time preview of new names
  • With EXIF support, we renamed the image.
  • Utilize GPS data from picture files
  • JavaScript may be used to generate new filenames.
  • Rename using MP3/ID3 data.
  • Reverse the previous installment
  • Rename, copy, and move are all batch modes.
  • View picture thumbnails
  • Replace the name with video tags.
  • When renaming TV shows, use the imported data.
  • Support for Unicode and UTF8
  • Files and directories are both supported.
  • Configure file timestamps and characteristics
  • Various methods for renaming
  • Use numerous approaches at once.


Advanced Renamer GPS data

If your image files have GPS data, you may include the city and nation where the photograph was shot. Coordinates are used to search for cities, countries, and country names in a database of over 100,000 cities worldwide.


Picture files

For both pros and beginners, this large file renamer is an excellent application for managing digital images. Thumbnail mode shows thumbnails immediately in the file list, allowing you complete control over the renaming process. You can quickly rename all of your images with this app.


Video recordings

Have you ever wished to include a codec or video resolution in the name of a file? You may use video tags to add information about video and audio equipment to contacts.


mp3 files

MP3s and other music files may include spoiled names and unusual characters. Using the built-in ID3 capabilities, you may alter the names of your favorite audio files to more useful ones using Advanced Renamer.


TV Show

After importing program information from the TV maze, add the episode title or broadcast date to video files containing TV shows.

Advanced Renamer Download Free for Windows 32/64-bits
Advanced Renamer Download Free for Windows 32/64-bit

Method Renaming

  • Change the filename case
  • brand new name tags
  • Take the pattern out of the filename.
  • Based on the list of names, create new names.
  • Insert text into the name
  • Remove or remove a portion of the name
  • Replace a portion of the name
  • Change the file’s timestamp.
  • Change a portion of the name
  • Toggle the batch custom script option.
  • Renumbering
  • Modify the file characteristics
  • Remove file names


Technical Details
  • Software name: Advanced Renamer
  • Category: Utility Software
  • License: Free
  • Version: Latest
  • File size: 13.06 MB
  • Core: 32/64-bit
  • Operating systems: all Windows systems and others
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developed by: Hulubulu Software
  • Official website: advancedrenamer.com

Download Advanced Renamer Free for Windows


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