Download ClamAV Free 2024 Best Secure for Your Windows PC


Download ClamAV Free 2024 Best Secure for Your Windows PC

ClamAV: An Introduction to the Open-Source Antivirus Solution

Cybersecurity is a crucial aspect of our digital world. As technology continues to evolve, so do the threats that we face. With the rise of viruses, malware, and other cyberattacks, it’s essential to have reliable antivirus software that can protect your systems. ClamAV is an open-source antivirus solution that has gained popularity due to its effectiveness and affordability. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at ClamAV, its features, and why it’s an excellent choice for your cybersecurity needs.


What is ClamAV?

It is a free and open-source antivirus tool that detects trojans, viruses, malware, and other potentially hazardous programs. ClamAV is a free and open-source (GPL) antivirus tool for Windows systems that are used for email scanning, online scanning, and endpoint protection.

It includes a versatile and scalable multi-thread daemon, a command-line scanner, and a sophisticated automated database update tool. It′ features a multi-threaded scanner daemon, command-line utilities for doing on-demand file checks, and automated signature updates. It supports a variety of file types; signature languages, archive unpacking, and signature languages.

Access to software versions that are compatible with your operating system. ClamAV Antivirus is an open-source mail gateway scanning software standard.

Clam AntiVirus is an open-source (GPLv2) antivirus suite of tools intended primarily for email gateways. It includes a versatile and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a command-line scanner, and a sophisticated tool for automated database upgrades.

Download ClamAV Free 2024 Best Secure for Your Windows PC
Download ClamAV Free 2024 Best Secure for Your Windows PC

ClamAV Features

  • ClamAV is intended to swiftly scan files.
  • Real-time security (Linux only). Our covert scanning program is capable of scanning.
  • Access to contemporary Linux distributions, including the option to restrict file access until the file is scanned.
  • ClamAV identifies over one million viruses, worms, and Trojans, as well as Microsoft
  • Office macro viruses, portable malware, and other threats.
  • ClamAV Signature Book’s built-in secondary code translator enables the construction and deployment of very complicated detection processes while also improving remote scanner capability.
  • Sendmail Milter interface.
  • A sophisticated database updating tool that supports scheduled updates and digital signatures.
  • Support for standard document formats such as MS Office, MacOffice, HTML, Flash, RTF, and PDF files is built-in.
  • Scanner command-line
  • The virus’s database is updated several times every day.
  • ELF executables and portable executables packed using UPX / FSG, Petite / NsPack / wwpack32 / MEW / Upack / Opaque with SUE, Y0da Cryptor, and others have built-in support.
  • All typical mail file types are supported natively.
  • ClamAV Free Open Source Download

  • Many archive formats are built-in, including zip, RAR, DMG, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, OLE2,
  • Cabinet, CHM, BinHex, SIS, and others.
  • Signed signature databases guarantee that only trustworthy signature definitions are used.
  • ClamAV not only checks the contents of archives and zip files, but it also guards against archive bombs.
  • Among the built-in archive extraction capabilities are:
  • Zip (including sound effects)
  • RAR (including sound effects)
  • ARJ (including sound effects)
  • Parsing of Windows executable files, generally known as portable executables (PE),
  • is supported in both 32 and 64-bit versions, including PE files that are compressed or deformed with:
  • ELF and Mach-O files are supported (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Almost all mail file types are supported.
  • ClamAV Best Open Source Software for Free Download
  • Other specific files/formats supported include:
  • Language of programming.
  • CryptFF and ScrEnc Uuencode TNEF encrypted files (winmail.dat)
  • A sophisticated database updater that supports scheduled updates, digital signatures, and issuance queries.
  • The database is based on DNS.
Download ClamAV Free 2024 Best Secure for Your Windows PC
Download ClamAV Free 2024 Best Secure for Your Windows PC

Supported Platforms

Clam AntiVirus is extremely platform-agnostic. We selected to test ClamAV using the two most current versions of Long Term Support (LTS) for each of the most common desktop operating systems because the development team cannot test every operating system. Operating systems are routinely evaluated.


Recommended System Requirements

The clamscan or clamd and clamdscan binaries, together with the standard ClamAV database provided by Cisco, are the minimum recommended system requirements. Download ClamAV Free.


Minimum Recommended RAM:

  • FreeBSD and Linux server version: 1 GB +
  • Linux non-server version: 2 GB +
  • Windows 7 & 10 32-bit: 2 GB +
  • Windows 7 and 10 64-bit: 3 GB +
  • MacOS: 3 GB +


Minimum Recommended CPU:

  • FreeBSD and Linux systems: Single 2.0GHz + CPU
  • Windows 7 and 10: 1 2.0GHz + CPU
  • OSX: 2 2.0GHz + CPU
  • The minimum available hard disk space is required.

How to install and use ClamAV?

Installing ClamAV is a straightforward process. Here’s how to do it on Ubuntu:

  1. Open the terminal and type the following command:
sudo apt-get install clamav
  1. Once the installation is complete, update the virus database by typing the following command:
sudo freshclam
  1. To scan a file or directory, type the following command:
clamscan /path/to/file_or_directory
  1. To scan your entire system, type the following command:
sudo clamscan -r /

Once you’ve installed ClamAV, you can customize your scanning options by editing the ClamAV configuration file. You can also schedule regular scans using Cron.


Pros and Cons of ClamAV: Is it Worth Using for Your System?

If you’re looking for open-source antivirus software, ClamAV is definitely one of the top contenders. It’s free, easy to use, and available for most platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. But is it really the best option for your system? In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of ClamAV so that you can make an informed decision.



1. Free and Open Source

ClamAV is completely free and open-source antivirus software. This means that you don’t have to pay anything to use it and you can even modify its source code if you have the technical expertise. This is a big advantage for those who don’t have the budget for expensive antivirus software.

2. Easy to Use

A simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to use. You don’t have to be a computer expert to use it. The software is also lightweight, so it doesn’t consume too much system resources.

3. Multi-platform Support

Available for multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. This means that you can use it regardless of the operating system you’re using.

4. High Detection Rate

High detection rate for malware, viruses, and other types of threats. It’s known for its ability to detect and remove even the most stubborn viruses and malware.

5. Customizable Scanning Options

Customize the scanning options to fit your needs. You can choose to scan specific folders or files, or you can scan the entire system. You can also set up a schedule for automatic scans. Download ClamAV Free.



1. Limited Features

Basic antivirus software doesn’t have all the features that you would find in premium antivirus software. For instance, it doesn’t have a firewall or real-time protection.

2. No Technical Support

It doesn’t offer any technical support. This means that if you run into any issues while using the software, you’ll have to rely on the community for help. This can be a disadvantage if you’re not familiar with the technical aspects of the software.

3. False Positives

Generate false positives. This means that it can sometimes detect harmless files as threats, which can be annoying for users.

4. Slow Scanning Speed

Slow when it comes to scanning large files or folders. This can be a disadvantage if you’re in a hurry to get your system scanned.

5. Not Suitable for Beginners

It is not suitable for beginners who are not familiar with the technical aspects of the software. The interface can be overwhelming for those who don’t have a technical background.



In conclusion, ClamAV is a decent open-source antivirus software that is free and easy to use. It has a high detection rate for malware and viruses, and it’s available for multiple platforms. However, it’s not suitable for beginners and doesn’t have all the features that you would find in premium antivirus software.

If you’re looking for basic antivirus software and don’t have the budget for a premium one, ClamAV might be a good option for you. However, if you need more advanced features and technical support, you might want to consider other options. Overall, the pros and cons of ClamAV should be carefully considered before deciding if it’s the right choice for your system.


📌 Please note: On computers that were not running any other programs, tests were carried out to identify the minimal requirements. If other programs are running on the system, extra resources than the specified minimum will be necessary.

✔️ ClamAV 5 GB of free space is required. In addition, each operating system’s recommended disc space.


Technical Details

  • Category: Antivirus
  • Program name: ClamAV′
  • License: Trial
  • The latest version
  • File size: 33.5 MB
  • Core: 32/64-bit
  • Operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and others
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: Cisco Systems, Inc
  • Official website: clamav′.net

Download ClamAV Best Open Source Free


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