Download Windows Ultimate Tweaker Improve and Speed ​​Up


Download Windows Ultimate Tweaker Improve and Speed ​​Up PC

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a disk optimization program for Windows 8/7/10/11, Vista that is available for free. For the new operating system, this software adds tuning for a number of new adjustments.

Those who have updated to Windows 10/11 will undoubtedly utilize it to sensibly tweak Windows 10/11 and personalize their computing experience. With a few mouse clicks, it is possible to optimize your system to make it quicker, more stable, and safer.


Ultimate Windows Tweaker

makes things simpler for you by providing all the helpful modifications to the individual user interface, even though you may be able to access all of these things by applying Windows 10/11 settings, Registry Editor, or Group Policy Editor.

This disk has more than 200 disks and is just 495 KB in size. Similar to its forerunners, UWT offers a straightforward, uncluttered user interface with links in the left panel and tabs at the top for some categories. Any disk may be hovered over to get helpful details about what it is doing.


Windows Ultimate Tweaker Features

  • A number of modifications have been made to the new privacy section to reflect concerns regarding privacy-related problems.
  • The context menu for App Store applications has undergone several changes to accommodate Windows 10 and 11.
  • The file is no longer necessary for the functionality of “Remove Stock Shortcut from Icons.”
  • The home page is used to compute Windows using indexing.
  • For a new WEI calculation, choose Run evaluation.
  • To fix the broken system image, you use the DISM command.
  • The desktop context menu now has an installation option for the disks.
  • Several fresh changes to Windows customization.
  • a freshly created interface with buttons for the command line.
  • The description is displayed when you scroll over a disk.
Download Windows Ultimate Tweaker Improve and Speed ​​Up PC
Download Windows Ultimate Tweaker Improve and Speed ​​Up PC

Disk Classification

  • Information about Your System: When you launch UWT4, you will see some basic details about your system, like the OS version, Build, system type, CPU speed, installed RAM, machine name, username, WEI points, etc.
  • Additionally, there are buttons to launch DISM, System File Checker, open Recovery Options, and create a system restore point.
  • You may customize the taskbar settings, thumbnails, file explorer, and the contemporary user interface under this heading. You may select a Light or Dark theme for your operating system or programs, deactivate animation start, use the default, alter the battery date and pop-up time, adjust the volume control, reveal or conceal frequently used directories or recently used files, etc.
  • User Accounts: You may modify your account settings, login details, and sign-in choices on the User Accounts tab. Here, you may also modify the controls for your user account.
  • Performance Modifications: The Performance tab provides modifications to enhance Windows 10/11 to meet your needs. The majority of these options should be left in their default positions. However, this panel offers you rapid access to make changes if you’d like.


Additional Properties

  • Harden Windows 10/11 by adjusting a few settings related to disk security. You may simply restrict access to some Control Panel programs, including Windows updates, if you wish to.
  • In Windows 10 and 11, there is a new Privacy tab where you can modify privacy settings and turn off remote metering, biometrics, ad ID, Bing search, and Cortana. You can also update Windows sharing, turn off password detection, turn off step recorder, Inventory, turn off Wi-Fi Sense, and turn off remote applications.
  • When you open this partition, Internet Explorer should be modified. Appearance and behavior of the tablet IE.
  • Context Menu for Hard Drive: Right-click to add Windows Store programs, features, and handy actions to the context menu. Add Windows Defender scanning, Clear Clipboard, all built-in virtual Windows apps, and more to the context menu.
  • Extra system adjustments: This category includes some additional system and network modifications; you may also configure UWT to operate the way you want it to. When you apply for a disk and click Apply, UWT4 will restart explorer.exe to apply the disk. If you want, you can alter their behavior.
  • Ultimate Windows Tweaker incorporates a search bar. You can quickly locate the disc and then double-click the search result to go to it.
  • Regarding the tab: You’ll find some useful links here, independent of the license agreement. If you need to report a bug, go to the ‘About’ page and click the ‘Send bugs’ button. If you want assistance, please visit the TWC forum or utilize the help link. If any updates are available, click the ‘Verify update’ button to find out.
Download Windows Ultimate Tweaker Improve and Speed ​​Up PC
Download Windows Ultimate Tweaker Improve and Speed ​​Up PC

Technical Details

  • Software name: Ultimate Windows Tweaker
  • Category: System Maintenance
  • License: Freeware
  • File size: 694.22 KB
  • Core: 32/64-bit
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10/11
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: Windows Club
  • Official website:

Download Windows Ultimate Tweaker


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