Download Avro Keyboard Free for Windows, Mac & Linux


Download Avro Keyboard Free for Windows, Mac & Linux

Avro Keyboard is a productivity tool and typeface that allows you to fully modify the keyboard to accommodate typing in Hindi or Bengali.

The Avro Keyboard has been created for several years and has been enhanced with the most demanding aspects of society. It is the ideal solution to convert a typical American 101 keyboard or ordinary British keyboard into one of the various keyboard layouts used in the Indian subcontinent.



A dictionary that is integrated

Type 150 thousand words with the help of the Bengali dictionary and the automated correction tool.

Customizable mode selection

Using any of the F1-12 keys, you may switch between the system keyboard and the Bengali keyboard.

Phonetically translating English to Bangla

Use contemporary and modern English to Bengali phonetic writing.

Bengali writing is very rapid.

You’ll never have to manually switch between fonts or character layouts again using Bengali web tools.

Language of input / Language support

Regardless of Windows language settings, enable Bengali keyboard support on any version of Windows.

Download Avro Keyboard Free for Windows, Mac & Linux
Download Avro Keyboard Free for Windows, Mac & Linux
The simple audio conversion method

Application for program writing that provides multi-year experience with voice converter techniques.

Transform your keyboard into a Bangla keyboard

It takes complete control of the keyboard and serves as your primary writing interface with the operating system.

Interface customization

Make your typing stand out by using the built-in keyboard designer.

Viewer of layouts

You may display the virtual keyboard on the screen at any moment.

There are two interface modes

The Avro Keyboard may be accessed via a floating toolbar or a system tray icon.

Lines that are integrated

On the first startup, all essential fonts are delivered and installed.

AutoCorrect support in Microsoft Word

Compatible with all modern Windows versions (XP and beyond), and completely free!

Download Avro Keyboard Free for Windows, Mac & Linux
Download Avro Keyboard Free for Windows, Mac & Linux

Installation and use

The Avro Keyboard will allow you to personalize your keyboard and make it into a highly dependable tool for writing and editing Bengali content after installation. Language support for Prabhat, Munir Optima, Avro Easy, Bornona, or Jatya comes without the need to manually install any fonts – all essential fonts will be installed on your Windows operating system during the initial setup.

When you activate the app, it will appear as a little floating toolbar at the top of the screen. This toolbar contains a variety of tools that will help you improve the accuracy of the new keyboard layout.

The keyboard layout selection (which includes automated translation from Avro Phonetic from English to Bengali), the switch to enable the on-screen keyboard that will show Bengali characters, the mouse click and type tool, and the complete character layout viewer are among the features available. Avro Keyboard may be downloaded.

Keyboard layout creator with preset support, skin designer to personalize your on-screen keyboard, settings screen with hundreds of customizations organized into eight tabs (general, interface, and universal shortcut keys, Language/language, Avro audio, Avro Mouse, fixed layouts, and universal output).

It has an English-to-Bengali voice writing function, as well as a floating preview to translate any Bengali word. Avro includes a comprehensive built-in lexicon for verifying spelling mistakes. Finally, the software includes a Unicode to Bijoi text Converter, a font installer, and support for iComplex scripts.

📌 There is also a Mac and Linux version, as well as a portable version.


Technical Details

  • Software name: Avro Keyboard
  • Categories: Utility Tools
  • License: Freeware
  • Version: latest
  • File size: 6.7 MB
  • Core: 32/64-bits
  • Operating systems: All Windows, Mac, and Linux systems
  • Languages: Multilanguage
  • Developer: OmicronLab
  • Official site:

Download Avro Keyboard Free 2024


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