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DBeaver Free Multi-Platform Database Tool for Developers

Download DBeaver Free Multi-Platform Database Tool for PC

DBeaver is a multi-platform database application that is free to use for developers, SQL programmers, database administrators, and analysts. MySQL / PostgreSQL / MariaDB / SQLite / Oracle / DB2 / SQL Server / Sybase / MS Access / Teradata / Firebird / Derby, and more common databases are supported.

DBeaver is free and open-source software for developers and database administrators. Usability is the main goal of this project, the program interface has been carefully designed and implemented. It is multi-platform. It is based on an open-source framework and allows the writing of various extensions (extensions). Supports any database with a JDBC driver. It may interact with any external data source that may or may not contain a JDBC driver.

There are a set of plug-ins for specific databases (MySQL / Oracle / DB2 / SQL Server / PostgreSQL / Vertica / Informix / MongoDB / Cassandra / Redis / InfluxDB in version 5.x) and various database management utilities (such as ERD and data transfer, compare, export/import data, generate dummy data, etc.).

Download DBeaver Free Multi-Platform Database Tool for PC
Download DBeaver Free Multi-Platform Database Tool for PC

Recent release features and improvements

  • Improved object list creation (no duplicate submenu)
  • Activate the tabs editor tabs
  • SQL Editor: SQL formatter fix (exp numbers and other minor fixes)
  • Improved item coloring (for different connection types)
  • Create contact folders
  • Shortcut handling (shortcuts disabled after some actions)
  • Column Editor: Autocomplete in dropdown menus is fixed.
  • Added support for multiple query result sets
  • Repair the original database backup
  • Extension of table partitions information
  • Data transfer: Fixed exporting from multiple queries (target filenames)
  • Spatial data editor:
  • Rename the sequence
  • Geography/Engineering Value Editor (Plain Text, WKT)
  • Numerous fixes in support of different SRIDs
  • Oracle: Metadata reading performance (constraints, foreign keys) has been significantly improved
  • Create a database (special characters in DB name)
  • Create a full DDL schema
  • Greenplum, Redshift: Execution plan now clarifies plain text format
  • SQLite: The database model has been updated
  • Import connections from SQL Developer
  • Windows installer: Backup configuration files (dbeaver.ini)
  • Sybase (12 and above): Fixed reading the source of stored procedures
  • Apache Ignite: ID Quotation fixed
  • Add validation for multiple DBeaver instances
  • DB2 iSeries: Schema reading is fixed
  • Additional command-line parameters (open connection)
  • Extension installer repair (Office, SVG, etc.)

📌 Note: Requires a Java running environment.

✅ Also available download DBeaver for Mac and Linux.

Download DBeaver Free

Download DBeaver Free Multi-Platform Database Tool for PC
Download DBeaver Free Multi-Platform Database Tool for PC

Technical Details

  • Program name: DBeaver
  • Category: Utility Software
  • License: Open Source
  • Version: latest
  • File size: 90.1 MB
  • Core: 32/64-bits
  • Operating systems: all Windows, Mac, Linux, etc
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developed by: DBeaver Corp
  • Official website: dbeaver.io

Download DBeaver Free Multi-Platform Database Tool for PC

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