Download DearMob iPhone Manager Best Free Backup Manager


Download DearMob iPhone Manager Best Free Backup Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager is the finest iPhone manager for backing up and restoring iPhone and iPad, as well as fast transferring images, music, video, books, contacts, ringtones, and other items between your iOS device and Windows / Mac.

Offline backup and restore for iPad and iPhone, as well as transfer and manage any iOS file selectively. Make your iOS devices seem exactly right on your computer by giving them the power, simplicity, and security that iPhone users require.

DearMob iPhone Manager, the unrivaled program for transferring photographs from iPhone to iPad, your PC is now completely prepared to handle your albums such as Roll, Selfies, Screenshots, Facebook Photos, and so on. DearMob iPhone Manager for Windows is a secure and simple method for backing up and restoring your whole iDevice data, allowing you to quickly transition to your new iPhone.

Download DearMob iPhone Manager Best Free Backup Manager
Download DearMob iPhone Manager Best Free Backup Manager

DearMob Features

  • Two-way synchronization at lightning speed.
  • Other than iTunes, you may import music into your iPhone.
  • Export, add, modify, and remove playlists and songs.
  • Organize music without sacrificing quality.
  • Converts Apple-unfriendly OGG FLAC WMA WAV, etc. to MP3 / AAC automatically.
  • Make a ringtone from iPhone music.
  • Without iTunes, you could transfer tones.
  • 8KV video should be transferred or converted.
  • Remove any recorded videos from your Mac.
  • On the iPhone and iPad, the auto turns the video 90 degrees to run full screen.
  • Convert the unsupported video to the iPhone iPad to identify it with the codec.
  • To clear up space, export 4K video files.
  • Large videos can be compressed by up to 50%.
  • Your iPhone / iPad, as well as iOS data, is one of your most valuable possessions.
  • The most effective technique to safeguard your data.
  • Backing up your data is the best approach to keep it safe.
Download DearMob iPhone Manager Best Free Backup Manager
Download DearMob iPhone Manager Best Free Backup Manager

More Features

  • Import and export photographs – Imports and exports images with a single click, independent of iCloud storage restrictions.
  • 10 seconds is as quick as magic. Transfer 100 images in original quality at 4K resolution.
  • Delete undesirable images and album archives by managing and deleting photos.
  • HEIC picture preview and conversion View and export HEIC photographs on your computer, as well as convert HEIC to JPG.
  • Music Manager – An easy and safe method for moving music between your iPhone
  • iPad, iPod, and PC / Mac without using iTunes.
  • DearMob iPhone Manager – Brings the finest of iPhone video and allows you to
  • Transfer videos to your iPhone or iPad for offline viewing, rendering your video app obsolete.
  • Full backup – Back up all iPhone data on your Mac or Windows,
  • If your device is stolen, lost, damaged, etc.
  • Easily restore – With a single click, you may restore your backups to your iPhone or
  • iPad. You can also easily move to a new iOS device.
  • Encrypt the password backup using DearMob iPhone Manager on your PC to provide complete security. Download DearMob iPhone Manager.
  • You can restore it with just the proper password.
  • On iOS 11 and subsequent versions, you may handle pages, numbers, KeyNotes,
  • GarageBand, and so on.
  • The program allows you to install apps that are not available in the App Store without compromising security.
  • USB Flash Drive – Configure your iPhone to function as a USB flash drive.
  • Store anything and distribute it freely.
  • Bookmark – Using Safari on your iPhone, you may link Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, and any other browser.
  • Many languages are supported.
  • All Windows, Mac, and other operating systems are supported.
  • And there are many more.

📌 NOTE: During the sample, you are only allowed to import and export a set number of files every day.

Download DearMob iPhone Manager Best Free Backup Manager
Download DearMob iPhone Manager Best Free Backup Manager

Technical Details

  • Software name: DearMob iPhone Manager
  • Category: System Management Software
  • Version: Latest
  • License: Demo
  • File size: 46.7 MB
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11, Mac
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: DearMob, Inc.
  • Official website:

Download DearMob iPhone Manager for Windows 

DearMob iPhone Manager for Mac


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