Download Keybase Free & Open Source for PC and Mobile

Download Keybase Free & Open Source for PC and Mobile

Keybase is much more than a website. Download the Keybase app if you are comfortable working with Terminal. You may use GPG cryptocurrencies to sign, verify, encrypt, generate communications, sign codes, transfer keys, and so on.

Communities, families, friends, schools, and companies all play a role. Everyone’s keybase is expanding at a rapid pace. Your data must be encrypted if it is stored in the cloud. Try Keybase if you’re bringing people together.

Each app account has a public history. Sigchains enable clients to reconstruct the past without relying on the Keybase servers. When you ‘follow’ someone on the application, you sign a snapshot of your perspective on the prompts in their long chain. You may get the application directly from the official website, which is included at the bottom of this description!

Download Keybase Free & Open Source for PC and Mobile
Download Keybase Free & Open Source for PC and Mobile

Keybase Features


Documentation on how to utilize Keybase for encryption.


Keybase encrypted chat product information.


Team design, implementation, and specification

The file system Keybase

Everyone has access to the cloud-based file system. Download Keybase Free & Open Source for PC and Mobile.

Guide for Proof Integration

Keybase’s protocol for adding external services as integration proof.

Wallet Stellar

Keybase’s Stellar wallet application description.

Locking mode

For customers who want to add more security to their Keybase account, an explanation of the lock mode is advised.

✅ Keybase is also available for Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and a variety of other platforms.


New encryption tools on Keybase

keybase everything from a free, encrypted group chat to a coin flip is now available. While becoming increasingly useful. Download Keybase Free & Open Source.

✔ In the pursuit of cooperation, the fundamental tools of coding have been overlooked. A communication, for example, cannot be signed and then exported. The same is true for encryption. There was no way to make anything, convert it, and then copy it and paste it into another program or website. Alternatively, encrypted files are saved on a disk.

✔ The macOS Finder shows Saltpack-encrypted files. Users of Keybase may encrypt, decode, sign, and verify any text or file, and then save or publish the results anywhere on the Internet. Or even in the closet.

✔ Simply group two devices in Keybase to make the new device available. Every installation has its unique hardware key. Your work computer, home computer, and phone all have unique keys that you never lose. They are not kept in iCloud or Google Drive.

✔ When you encrypt a file with the Keybase app, it is available to all of your future devices. A phase in the process of adding a device is to ensure that it works.

Keybase encryption is safe to use for backups and other similar applications.

Download Keybase Free & Open Source for PC and Mobile
Download Keybase Free & Open Source for PC and Mobile

Technical Details

  • Category:  Communication
  • Software name: Keybase
  • License: Open Source
  • The latest version
  • File size: 205 MB
  • Core: 32-64-bit
  • Operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 / Mac / iOS / Android / Linux and more
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: Keybase, Inc.
  • Official website:

Download Keybase Free & Open Source for PC and Mobile


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