Download Signal Desktop Messenger 2024 Free for PC and Mac


Download Signal Desktop Messenger 2024 Free for PC and Mac

Signal Desktop is quick and safe texting software. It promotes privacy while providing all of the functionality you’d expect! End-to-end encryption (as provided by the open-source signaling protocol) ensures the security of your text, audio, and video chats.

It combines Signal’s dependable private messaging experience with the ease of following conversations between your mobile device and your Windows / Mac or Linux PC.

Everything, as usual, is end-to-end encrypted and engineered to keep your conversations safe, allowing you to send group chats, text messages, and high-quality photographs and videos for free. At the end of the explanation, you may download the program directly from the official website!

Download Signal Desktop Messenger 2024 Free for PC and Mac
Download Signal Desktop Messenger 2024 Free for PC and Mac

Download Signal Desktop Messenger – Features

Keep to Yourself

Messages and calls sent through the app are always completely encrypted and carefully engineered to keep your connection safe. Nobody, including him, can read your messages or observe your phone calls.


You Will Not Be Charged Anything

The Signal Messenger software is supported by a committed team of developers, community donations, and funding. There are no advertisements, and it is free to use.


Make a Statement

Send high-quality group, text, audio, video, document, and photo messages to anybody, anywhere in the world, for free. Signal Desktop allows you to send messages to anyone on the app.


Time Management

Messages that you may arrange to delete will help you keep your conversation history orderly. For each discussion, select a new secret message. Everyone on the subject is at the same location. Even if the words are gone, the beautiful memories will live on. Download Signal Desktop Messenger.


Freely Express Yourself

With no long-distance costs, you may make crystal clear audio and video conversations with those who reside across town or across the ocean.


Be True To Yourself

Make use of your existing phone number and address book. There are no separate administrative or loss logins, usernames, or PINs.


See the Source

The code is free and open-source, and it can be found on GitHub.


Everyone is Welcome

The Signal program for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers is intended to be an open-source project financed by grants and donations. The software is capable of putting

✔️ Also Available Download Signal Desktop for Mac and Linux

Download Signal Desktop Messenger 2024 Free for PC and Mac
Download Signal Desktop Messenger 2024 Free for PC and Mac

How to Run Signal PC Software

1- In the beginning, you must download the Signal Messenger via Android, in order to then synchronize between the Android and the computer and be able to download the signal on the computer, so you can access the Signal download link for Android through the following table:

2- Go to the settings of the Signal Messenger program via the mobile phone, then choose the connected devices, and then press the (+) button to add your computer.

3- You will notice that your computer has been added via Signal Messenger, and the device will appear in front of you with its number, then click on Finish.

4- After the Signal program for the computer is opened, you can start text chats or video chats, and you can also use existing emojis, or add new ones that belong to you via the computer.


The Most Prominent Features of Signal Desktop Messenger 2024

1. Through the Signal program for the computer, you can use your existing phone number to communicate securely with your friends, send and receive messages, and make voice or video calls.

2. Perhaps the quality of audio and video is what distinguishes the Signal Messenger program, as you feel as if you are at home and accompanied by your family when you make a call via Signal Messenger.

3. You will notice that the Signal program for the computer does not suffer from problems related to cutting audio during weak internet, and therefore, the internet is not cut off during weak internet.

4. You can customize alerts for each of the contacts, or completely disable annoying sounds via Signal Messenger for Android, where you can choose silent mode whenever you want by choosing “None” to set your notification ringtone.

5. You can choose the theme you want via Signal Messenger, where you can activate the dark mode, to get calmer when chatting via Signal Messenger.


Is the Signal Program Safe?

Is Signal for PCs safe? This question comes to the minds of many users, after the great uproar caused by the privacy issue of the WhatsApp application and the Messenger application, so many users turned to the Signal program, and the Signal program provides the advantages of encrypted and secure conversations so that only the sender and the receiver have the encryption key, And the messages sent and received are deleted from the company’s servers and servers and are never kept.


Technical Details

  • Software name: Signal Desktop
  • Category: Communication
  • License: Open-source
  • File size: 118 MB
  • Operating systems: Windows 7/8/10/11/ Mac / Linux and other systems
  • Core: 32/64-bit
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developed by: Open Whisper Systems
  • Official website:

Download Signal Desktop Messenger 2024


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