Download Rocket Languages ​​for Windows, Android and iOS

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Download Rocket Languages ​​for Windows, Android and iOS

Rocket Languages is a sophisticated language learning tool that includes modules with interactive audio courses, language and cultural training, and so on. Some parts include lessons on numerous tools, as well as in-depth cultural suggestions and resources, as well as situational vocabulary.

It features an excellent voice recognition system. It offers an online course with an easy-to-use interface and a large selection of situational learning information for the user.


About Rocket Languages

Rocket Language is one of the programs that include cultural education along with key vocabulary phrases related to the cultural subject. These courses are distinguished by written instructions that correspond to standard language textbooks. Written instructions accompany the pronunciation and repetition activities based on the unit’s equipment.

For example, a cultural education about restaurants, prominent hotels, museums, shopping malls, and other attractions is included in the module that covers themes on your journey to a famous city.

Download Rocket Languages ​​for Windows, Android and iOS
Download Rocket Languages ​​for Windows, Android and iOS

Rocket Language Benefits and Functions

It is comparable to the web app and is accessible for Android and iOS smartphones. Both apps monitor your progress through the lesson plan, allowing you to begin a session on your laptop at home and continue or finish it on your phone during your commute.

You may learn without utilizing Wi-Fi or a cellular connection by downloading audio courses into the mobile app. If you need visual assistance, you can also download a PDF version of the lecture and read it.

The voice recognition algorithms used by iOS devices and tablets differ somewhat since iOS devices employ Siri-based Android algorithms while tablets use the Google algorithm. You may download Rocket Languages for Android and iPhone or register on the Rapid official website, which is linked at the bottom of the subject.

Download Rocket Languages ​​for Windows, Android and iOS
Download Rocket Languages ​​for Windows, Android and iOS


  • On your smartphone, an easy-to-use application gives a lovely and light-colored interface.
  • The free version is available with the option to purchase the premium version.
  • It supports over 15 languages, including English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.
  • Images, videos, music, and sound are examples of advanced language learning tools.
  • Words were repeated and sentence structures were reconstructed.
  • Choose the language that best fits you from the 15 available.
  • To take the courses online, create a free account on the program’s official website.
  • The mobile app, which is comparable to the internet app, is available for Android and iOS devices.
  • Using interactive audio sessions, play with it.
  • The speech recognition system is one of the most accurate, allowing you to select the
  • Language Rockets Write down what you hear and a term or phrase from the dialogue.
  • If you don’t speak a word or phrase correctly, the application will make you repeat it until you do.
  • Download Rocket Languages ​​for Windows, Android and iOS.
  • To help you remember the essential elements of the course, follow each unit with a five-choice exam.
  • Listen to your default teacher first, then register yourself to read the same sentence and compare the two.
  • Cultural education Another stage is to learn keywords and phrases linked to a specific topic, such as food, home products, and apparel shopping.
  • Online classes are very valuable if you utilize this application to improve your
  • language skills before going to work or for fun.
Download Rocket Languages ​​for Windows, Android and iOS
Download Rocket Languages ​​for Windows, Android and iOS
Technical Details
  • Category: Tutorials
  • Software name: Rocket Languages
  • License: Free with the possibility to buy the paid version
  • Software size for iPhone: 17 MB
  • Operating systems: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11, Mac, Android and iOS
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and many more
  • Developer: Libros Media Ltd
  • Official website:

Download Rocket Languages ​​for Windows

Rocket Languages for Android  Rocket Languages for IOS


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