Download UVI Workstation Multifunction for Windows and Mac


Download UVI Workstation Multifunction for Windows and Mac

UVI  Workstation is a free versatile tool that has built-in effects and an arpeggiator, as well as infinite parts, live performance features, and a seamless real-time workflow. The program includes a sophisticated audio sampler as well as other features for the popular Windows PC and Mac platforms. UVI is one of the most tested and trustworthy industries, with over 15 years of continuous development.

Concentrate on improving the workflow by introducing a new UI design, labeling favorites, and expanding the UI to adapt to all user screens. UVI Workstation is fully compatible with all UVI tools from an ever-expanding list of manufacturers, including Acoustic Samples, VI Labs, and Virharmonic.

The workstation, with its vintage tuners, samplers, drums, pianos, choirs, and orchestras, is your entryway to some of the world’s most innovative and greatest acoustic instruments. It is intended to give clarity and simplicity of use while being built for efficient and intuitive functioning. The controls are clearly organized and have a beautiful geometric style. They have been carefully thought out and tested for use.



  • There is just one way to download sounds and gadgets.
  • The arpeggiator is a strong and adaptable tool.
  • Multi-mode has a limitless number of components as well as a nice mixing environment with counters, solo mute, and loudness.
  • Use the same UI to manage tools and loops.
  • All performance parameters (key switches and range) as well as independent outputs are available.
  • Real-time beat-sync extends the segmentation technique so that loops are always in time.
  • Import user REX files, Apple loops, AIFF, and WAV files.
  • Smart browser with search and favorite features to help you find what you’re searching for quickly.
  • Drag and drop MIDI and sound files.
  • Professional FX may be layered and blended with readily adjustable characteristics such as delay, frequency, phase, chorus, EQ, filter, engine, distortion, and compressor.
  • The adaptable interface adjusts to various screen sizes.
  • All UVI are expandable tools.
Download UVI Workstation Multifunction for Windows and Mac
Download UVI Workstation Multifunction for Windows and Mac

Optimized blending

With the UVI Workstation interface, mixing cleanly and effectively provides you fast access to fundamental features such as solo, stuffiness, and size, as well as transmits two aux and playback controls for each part. Explore the tremendous possibilities of multi-layered sounds or quickly blend complicated ensembles.

Many file types are supported, including MP3, MP4, AIFF, FLAC (with QuickTime installed on Windows for MP3 / MP4), Soundbanks (.ufs), REX1, REX2, SDII (on Mac), WAV, WAV64, SND, CAF. Audio modules, AAX, VST, and standalone are all supported.

Pro Tools 11+ / Logic 9+ / Digital Performer 8+ / Cubase 7+ / Ableton Live 8+ / Studio One 2+ / Maschine 1 / 2 / Tracktion 4+ / Nuendo 6+ / Vienna Ensemble 5 / Reaper 4+ / Garage Band 6 / Sonar X3 / Main Stage 3 / FL Studio / Bitwig 1+ / MuLab 5.5+ / Reason 9.5+.

Download UVI Workstation Multifunction for Windows and Mac
Download UVI Workstation Multifunction for Windows and Mac
Inspirational effects

The program’s impact system is extensive, with a wide range of dynamics, delays, distortions, EQs, filters, and echoes. UVI effects are of the highest quality, with sounds ranging from modern and transparent to warm and smooth. With unlimited effects for each segment and two aux and Master channels, you can easily shape or distort your voice in any way you can think of.


Unlimited parts

Use as many pieces as your system can manage. The built-in browser and search capability allow you to find the audio or device you’re searching for and save it as a favorite to remember later.

The complicated structure of UVI workstations may be readily handled by beginning with simple settings such as individual tuning and elaborate symphonic arrangements. As a result, group components by key switches or restrict their range to certain portions of the MIDI keyboard.


Blending effects that are advanced

The conventional mixing tool has an enhanced form that changes incoming notes and runs them in preset patterns. It has up to 128 steps of changeable change degrees, adjustable speed and step length, 26 playback options, 1/64 triplicate to 32x resolution, and dozens of preset forms.

Download UVI Workstation Multifunction for Windows and Mac
Download UVI Workstation Multifunction for Windows and Mac

Technical Details

  • Category: Multimedia Software
  • Software name: UVI Workstation
  • Version: The latest
  • License: Freeware
  • File Size: 290 MB
  • Operating Systems: All versions of Windows in addition to the Mac
  • Core: 32/64-bit
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: UVI Team
  • Official website:

Download UVI Workstation Multifunction


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