Download MongoDB Compass Free for Windows / Mac & Linux


Download MongoDB Compass Free for Windows / Mac & Linux

MongoDB is a database system that stores data in JSON-based flexible documents, allowing fields to be changed from document to document and data structures to change over time. This is not the case with traditional relational databases such as MySQL.


MongoDB Compass

It enables you to make more informed decisions about document structure, queries, indexing, and validation, among other things. MongoDB Compass is included with subscriptions. This version is a free tool for MongoDB development that includes only a subset of the app’s features.

All users can access the community version for free. MongoDB enables you to analyze and comprehend the contents of your data without having a formal understanding of query syntax. You can use the app to improve query performance, manage indexes, and perform document validation, in addition to exploring your data visually.

Except for the connection to a MongoDB instance, all network connections are disabled in this release. Subscriptions include access to an isolated version. MongoDB’s document form inserts items into the application code.

This smoothes out the data and makes it easier to deal with. You easily work with things, it has consistency thanks to MongoDB, which is free and open source, and it provides strong analytics for practically every project. The main takeaway is that JSON is not stored in MongoDB. As in SQL systems, there is no data conversion.

Download MongoDB Compass Free for Windows / Mac & Linux
Download MongoDB Compass Free for Windows / Mac & Linux

As Compass released four versions of Compass Community.

This edition is designed for MongoDB development and contains a subset of the tool’s functionality.



MongoDB Compass in its entirety, including all features and capabilities. Subscriptions include access to the app.



This version only supports read operations, with no write or delete capabilities.



Except for the network server MongoDB, which is linked to Compass, this version does not launch any requests. This version is intended for use in extremely secure situations.

Download MongoDB Compass Free for Windows / Mac & Linux
Download MongoDB Compass Free for Windows / Mac & Linux

Editions Capabilities

  • Use the complete CRUD capabilities to interact with documents, collections, and databases.
  • Make and run assembly lines and pipelines.
  • Indexes can be created and deleted.
  • Visual illustration plans may be used to monitor and enhance query speed.
  • Authentication through Kerberos, LDAP, and x.509 Graph analysis.
  • Server statistics in real-time.
  • Document validation rules can be created, deleted, and modified.
  • Errors should be collected and reported.

📌 Note: A MongoDB server is required.



MongoDB data has a flexible chart. The structure of a single document is not rigidly enforced by groups, and the group diagram is not specified or available for examination inside the database. The flexible MongoDB style and rich document structure increase developer productivity, but they also make it difficult to study and grasp fundamental data and its structure without first running queries against the database in the shell.

MongoDB Compass is a tool that allows users to easily evaluate and understand their MongoDB layout without having to invoke a shell or learn query syntax. It gives customers a graphical representation of their MongoDB chart by randomly picking documents from the whole collection.

MongoDB Compass has negligible influence on database performance and can provide quick user results by sampling a selection of documents. More information about sampling may be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the program’s official website.

Download MongoDB Compass Free for Windows / Mac & Linux
Download MongoDB Compass Free for Windows / Mac & Linux

Technical Details

  • Program name: MongoDB Compass
  • Classification: Utility Software
  • License: Freeware
  • Version: The latest
  • Size 130 MB
  • Core: 32/64-bits
  • Operating systems: Mac / Windows / Linux
  • Languages: Multilanguage
  • Developer: MongoDB Inc
  • Official site:

Download MongoDB Compass Free


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