Download UR Browser Latest Free 2024 for Windows and Mac


Download UR Browser Latest Free 2024 For Windows and Mac

UR Browser lets you personalize your browser, browse the web securely, and make use of many fantastic features! A quick and cost-free online browser that values user privacy is UR Browser. 100% produced in Europe, with VPN and an integrated adblocker. Use UR Browser to safeguard your privacy and data.

Great online goods are created by browser manufacturer AdaptiveBee for both desktop and mobile consumers. Experts in adaptive technology say that people want to personalize a network that is full of alternatives and content. Bring the desired customized website to the public.

Download UR Browser Latest Free 2024 For Windows and Mac
Download UR Browser Latest Free 2024 For Windows and Mac

Download UR Browser Free – Features

Third-Party Cookies are all Prohibited.

These bothersome tiny web crawlers are blocked by UR.


Check Every File for Viruses

Virus and malware checks are performed automatically on downloaded files.


Produced in Europe

UR Browser is headquartered in the European Union, where, in contrast to other nations like the United States, user privacy is quite well protected. Given that the majority of significant technology businesses are American, this presents serious privacy issues.


None But the Facts

The new goods that are featured on the home screen must adhere to high standards for content quality. Only recognized news organizations (Reuters, BBC, AFP, and others) are used as sources for newsfeeds, which are tightly regulated.


Any Questionable Sites are Promptly Reported to You

Before you visit the site, a notice will automatically appear if it contains malware, bogus news, or suspected phishing sites. Download UR Browser.


Second: Encryption

To 2048 bits, the RSA key size has been doubled. This is crucial when using real-time talk, like video chats, and when transferring secure information to websites.


Comprehensive Private Browsing

More than just your usual position: browse the web in the same window while using both public and private browser tabs. Websites that you often access while using private browsing can be whitelisted so that whenever you type your name in the future, your tab will immediately reload as a private tab.


Secure HTTPS Websites

Websites must, if feasible, employ HTTPS, according to UR. This increases the level of data protection for your data by encrypting all connections between the browser and the website.


The integrated VPN Enables You to Maintain Your Privacy

To totally hide your internet trails, set up an encrypted network between your computer and the websites you visit.


Google Has Not Received any Complaints

Any internet browser that employs this code will be monitored by the open-source Google symbol Chromium. Even though UR was created using Chromium, all Google-related features have been removed. Download UR Browser.


Your Searches are Being Done in the Secret

An alternate search engine is provided by Qwant, which does not gather or disclose any personal data. Your default search engine is set to UR Qwant, but you have the option to change it in the options.

Download UR Browser Latest Free 2024 for Windows and Mac
Download UR Browser Latest Free 2024 for Windows and Mac

The browser Has a Very Fast Download Manager

One of the most prominent features of Your Browser is that it contains an excellent download manager that allows the user to download files from the Internet at four times the normal download speed, which is not available in many other browsers, as it relies on a modern technology that divides the file to be downloaded into small parts. And then download them in parallel, not sequentially, so that all these small parts are downloaded at the same time, which ultimately gives an impressive download speed for everyone.


The Ability to Customize the Browser

The user can customize the home page of the browser as he wants and, according to his personal taste, through a set of wonderful backgrounds and wallpapers integrated with the browser, it includes a large image gallery that includes many backgrounds with pleasant and high-quality scenery.

The user can also make his image. It is the basic background of the browser, so it makes the design unique and not found by anyone else, which is something that many people who love distinction may resort to.


Excellent Protection Tools to Secure the User on the Internet

Your browser forces all sites on the Internet to open via the HTTPS protocol, if that is possible, as this protocol provides complete encryption of all information exchanged between both the browser and the site.

The browser also has another protection tool to scan the downloaded files, and this performance will distinguish dangerous files marked in red to warn the user against opening or re-downloading them again, which is a very wonderful thing. Download UR Browser Latest Free.

Finally, the browser has the ability to scan sites as well, and accordingly, it will take some precautions that prevent the user from falling into the trap of harmful sites by preventing access to them from the ground or by triggering a warning before the page is loaded and displayed on the browser.


Preserving User Privacy and Preventing Data Leakage

Since the beginning of the third millennium, the user’s privacy has become many laws issued for it only at the level of many countries of the world. The minimum level of privacy is prohibited and it is forbidden to share it with others.

The developers of Your Browser have added some tools to prevent tracking or knowledge of the user’s activities on the web, in order to protect his privacy as required in accordance with European Union standards and laws.


Block Cookies – Download UR Browser Free 2024

There are cookies on every site, and it tracks you on the Internet in order to know all your interests and show you a lot of things related to it, but there are some of them that are harmful and spy on you greatly, as UR Browser has canceled and blocked all these files.


Premium Search Engine

UR Browser offers you an alternative search engine for Google, but it is just as efficient or better as it does not share any of your information and you set the Qwant engine as a default search engine in it, and the best thing is that you can customize your search in a large and distinct manner and be accurate in everything.


Advanced Private Browsing

In this place, you can browse your normal, but you will find some sites that you want to access in a distinctive way, so you put them in the advanced private browser, and this puts them in private browsing. When you enter them again, you will find them in the private browsing place, not in normal browsing.


Technical Details

  • Category: Internet Browsers
  • Software name: UR Browser
  • License: Freeware
  • Version: latest
  • File size: 1.4 MB
  • Operating systems: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP / Mac
  • Languages: Multilanguage
  • Developer: AdaptiveBee
  • Official site:

Download UR Browser Latest Free



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